Expanding to Canada


    Growing a concept in a new market can be difficult – especially when it’s a foreign country.  While Canada shares many similarities with Western Europe, the US and the Southern Hemisphere, its culture, fashion, tastes, menu preferences and manner of conducting business all have distinctive characteristics. Understanding them is essential to success.  Across Canada there is a diverse multi-cultural world mosaic that demands a close review when locating in major urban centres.

    Our services are fully customized to each and every client we work alongside.  At the outset we establish what is required, what it will take to move forward and how we’ll build strategy that will deliver tangible results.  The solutions we devise for one client may differ radically from those we create for another.

    Geo-demographic analysis, targeting the right locations, understanding the behaviour of the Canadian consumer and translating current trends into winning retail strategies are only a portion of our work.

    Staking out new territory for your brand can be one of the biggest ventures you’ll undertake.  Working with the right team of professionals who are experts in understanding what makes Canadian retail and patrons tick should be your first step.




    Pop-Up, Market your Product or Brand and Move on

    The concept of Pop-Up or Short-Term retailing has been around since the beginning of vacancies in storefronts and shopping centres; it was referred to as Specialty Leasing.

    The difference with Pop-Up retailing is that it is geared and marketed to be only for a limited basis: it would be best defined as a shop, restaurant or brand announcement that opens quickly in a temporary location or site and operates for a short time period.   The concept grew from consumers wanting to discover something unique, different and to create a “surprise and delight” retailing experience.   It allows bricks and mortar retailers to discover new customers, it allows on-line retailers to engage directly with their customers face to face and it allows seasoned retailers an opportunity to locate in a non-traditional space and enchant their customers.

    The interesting part of the pop-up experience is that once many retailers have positive results from this they look at more long term or permanent locations.



    Our National Director – Legal Affairs’ practice is focused primarily on commercial real estate and franchise development work.

    With over twenty-five years of experience in commercial law, she has represented both retailers and licensees of notable chains such as Forever 21, Starbucks Coffee, Pizza Hut, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Ann Taylor and Loft

    Legal practice includes the following services:

    • Real estate issues, including leasing and subleasing (representing both landlords and tenants);
    • Drafting and reviewing franchise, licence, distribution and development agreements and all related documentation;
    • Preparation and revision of disclosure documents;
    • Drafting and reviewing all other commercial contracts.



    Specialty Leasing is a significant revenue generating opportunity to developers and retailers, many have been using this program to offset vacancies and to provide a unique and diverse merchandising mix to a shopping centre, mixed-use properties or hotels retailing and to explore new locations and concepts.

    It is not just about leasing the space; it is important to ensure that the merchandising mix does not conflict with permanent retailers and should complement and support the tenant mix of the property.

    For the retailers, it is an outstanding opportunity to enter into a leasing arrangement that will allow for flexibility on your term and conditions; really a sort of “try before you buy” philosophy. More and more shopping centres are trying to diverse themselves from their competitors in the market and effective and unique specialty leasing can assist in providing this differentiation in the marketplace.

    There needs to be an equal focus on the quality of specialty retailer, their design and build out of the store, signage and product offering to ensure that it is a positive and profitable relationship for both the Landlord and the retailer.