RICARDO Boutique + Café


New Ricardo


Ricardo is a chef, entrepreneur and television personality who embodies a brand that today spans several platforms.  That brand conveys a contemporary vision of the art of family living.  The RICARDO Media mission?  To promote the importance of cooking and eating together.


In this same spirit, Espace RICARDO promises visitors a shopping and lifestyle experience unlike any other.


Under one roof, this unique concept presents the entire line of RICARDO cooking accessories, ideas for the art of the table, as well as a wide variety of gift ideas.


The boutique is also home to an array of classic gourmet treats: chocolates, caramel, marshmallows, popcorn, pralines and much more.


Café RICARDO, located in the same space, invites customers to dine on the recipes featured in the magazine and on the website, savour a coffee or a glass of wine and even go home with a complete cake.


Everything, in other words, to enjoy the RICARDO experience!

Kitchen Acc./Chocolates/Café
7,000 - 8,000 sf
Regional Shopping Centres, Lifestyle Centres, Urban Neighbourhood Streets